Monday, April 5, 2010

Pretentious People Should Like Aquaman

While browsing through some old things I'd written in what I thought was my non-Pompous-Pilate voice, I realized I had written more than one short, non-fiction essay dedicated to a pretty heavy analysis of the underdoggish superhero, Aquaman. Starting out as a nerd that could not survive in many normal human environments but somehow blew up into a cocky bastard, I started to see how Aquaman really is the perfect superhero for the most self-righteous and pretentious among us.

Aquaman may in fact be one of the first modern hipsters.

Therefore, I present a slight departure from the usual "Stuff Pretentious People Like" format in the form of two pieces about the mysterious, winter-kill-smelling force that is Aquaman.


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