Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Stuff Pretentious People Like Hipster Edition: Bacon

This post was originally going to be longer and about the ironic love that dare not speak its name: hipsters' ironic love of anything that is from Middle America (which includes but is not limited to bacon). A friend of mine pointed out that the reason for the fairly recent bacon re-introduction is because hipsters like to latch onto anything that might be normally considered beneath them, which typically describes most of the people, places and things invented in the Midwest. This entry will be briefly singling out that lovely, salty pork product that hipsters (those that aren't clinging to veganism for dear, smelly, sickly life) seem to have rediscovered.

I prefer to understand the bacon phenomenon by looking at the status message updates of the most extreme hipsters I see on Facebook, because they are the only way I really can keep my finger on the pulse of what is hip and happening, and also because Facebook is quickly becoming a more reliable "RL" news source than the New York Times. Below is a tiny collection of status message updates and wall photos from the past week to illustrate the bacon-sation that will likely not die soon:

"... knows you don't make friends with salad, but that certainly isn't the case with bacon."


"... doesn't know what's wrong with people that don't like bacon."

"... 'Mmm … unexplained bacon.'" (You need to recognize this as a Homer Simpson quote; he is a huge part of why bacon and greasy decadence is cool again.)

"... will f**k for bacon."

And, the "Bacon Explosion" that everyone cool and yer mom (as long as she's from Wisconsin, and mine is) seems to be coveting:


Next up: "Why TREET Will Soon Be on More T-Shirts in Williamsburg Than SPAM."

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